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About Vojomusic

Vojomusic is media and streaming service that brings you a million of interactive news content, songs from all the Indonesia best musician. We strongly believe that mobile, multi-platform, and interactive content are the next (now) big things. We have to be everywhere. Not only online, but we also have the desire to be present offline. This is why we create an event that can connect with our customers offline.

As a fans

you can listen to your favorite music and update the latest music news anytime and anywhere. With Vojomusic, it’s easy to find the right music for every moment on your life. Find new music to love. Share your favorite news, tracks, playlists.

As an artists

you can upload your music easily, measure your noise, and finding your community. With Vojomusic you can control when and how your tracks show up on our platform. You can see who's listening to your music, see which fans are listening to your tracks the most, and where your top fans are located. As an artist, easily find your community, share ideas, and discuss music with other people who love it too. You're totally in charge with your musics.

As a brand

you can reach Millenials and Gen – Z in Indonesia. With Vojomusic we helps brands connect through our beautiful ads experiences. If you’re in the marketing world today, you know the drill by now: millennials and Gen – Z are a big deal, and you need to reach them. But if you really want to do that, it’s crucial to take a step back and understand the broader generational shifts taking place. What is it that sets these generations apart from others? What are some of the pressures shaping their unique standpoint? And how are they making their mark on culture? Here at Vojomusic we can help you to connect with them. Heads on Advertise page to know more.

Now, let's continue working on what we believe and are passionate about. Focus on building a company that can inspire millions of Millennials and Gen Z, and make real positive impacts on the society through music. We believe that through music, we can do anything. Let’s feel your local music!

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